Raise Your Game // A Digital Skills Programme for the Future

  • 23 Sep 2020
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  • Attend all eight sessions at a discounted rate! Limited spaces available on a first come, first served basis.

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Often wonder what the future of your career looks like? Like many freelancers, you’ve got your creative practice down, but have questions around what’s coming next, putting goals in place and finding the time to reach for them?

Raise Your Game is a digital skills programme from Creative Edinburgh, is designed to guide you through those questions, providing the space, confidence and skills you need to envision and work towards the next stage of your career.

With a focus on digital tools, data and future-proof working models, Raise Your Game combines workshops delivered by expert partners, a Digital Space for peer support and a Mentor Yourself Toolkit for self-reflection between sessions.

So, are you ready? Whether attending one workshop or all eight, it’s time to take stock, make moves, think forward, and Raise Your Game.

What's in the programme?

Raise Your Game is formed of eight sessions taking place between September and December 2020, complimented by additional resources. All sessions take place on Zoom Meetings between 10:30 and 13:30. 

Sessions 1-3: Taking Stock

What are your goals? How do you envision the future of your creative business and are their alternative ways of working that can help you get there? These sessions will explore how data and digital tools can help you understand where your business is currently at, and where you want to go with it. Topics covered include:

  • Business Planning & Modelling with Caroline Parkinson [ Wednesday 23 September ] 

  • Digital Online Presence with Blether Digital [ Wednesday 7 October ]

  • Understanding Data with Effini [ Wednesday 14 October ]

Sessions 4-6: Making Moves

What are the fundamentals you need to know as a creative freelancer, sole trader or small business to operate effectively? These sessions will provide you with the skills, tools and confidence needed to help you work efficiently, so your energy can focus on the creative process, rather than the business admin. Topics covered include: 

Sessions 7 + 8: Thinking Forward

Be inspired by what the future of creativity can bring. These sessions are for future gazing, emerging technologies and blue skies thinking which can inform where you are at right now. Topics covered include:

For more details on these sessions, explore the Programme Overview. 

Additional Resources

  • The Digital Space: a peer support platform for attendees to share ideas and advice and continue their learning, facilitated by Creative Edinburgh
  • Mentor Yourself Toolkit: a downloadable booklet for self-reflection, note taking and continued development
  • Follow up resources: access to slides + event recordings for further reference and recommended tools, resources and development activities from session hosts

Who is Raise Your Game for?

Raise Your Game has been designed with the needs of early career creative freelancers ready to think forward, set goals and acquire the skills and confidence they need to achieve them. Whether you're a freelancer, recent graduate, company of one or pivoting your career, Raise Your Game is for you! 

If you're further along in your career path but see a session not currently in your skill set, please join as a drop in attendee!

Our Mentor Yourself Toolkit will be sent to all attendees upon registration, giving you the chance to reflect on where you are currently and understand how this session's teaching sit within your wider plan.

How do I take part?

  • As a Bundle attendee [ £100 ]: keen to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence in all the areas outlined above? Join a cohort of 15 attendees who will attend all of the Raise Your Game Sessions as Bundle attendees. Register as a Bundle Attendee and you'll receive regular check ins from the Creative Edinburgh team, plus a chance to meet fellow bundle attendees taking part in the full programme.(Psst... this also comes at a discounted rate!) 
  • As a Drop In attendee [ £15 p/session ]: there are 15 additional spaces available on each session for drop-in attendees. Browse the sessions, consider the skills you're keen to gain and areas you feel your confidence is lacking, and drop in for those sessions! Whether that's one or five, book in for the workshops that best suit you and your creative practice right now.
All tickets are available on a first come, first served basis and are subject to limited capacity. Individual session registration will open at least a fortnight before each workshop date.

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    Creative Edinburgh is supported by Creative Scotland. Raise Your Game is supported by the Edinburgh Futures Institute and delivered in partnership with Creative Informatics


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